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The Drama club's production of UNWRAPPED stars 14 Elder students - so come on out and see your CLASSMATES:

Sam Barsan, Matt Carnes, Dan Day, Kaleb Dettmer, Christian DiStasi, Nick Ellerhorst, Tony Essen, Brennan Hirth, Max Klug, Spencer Laird, Mike Rogers, Ben Siefke,Zach Viox, and Andrew White.

For only $7 it's LESS THAN A MOVIE!

This show is fun for the ENTIRE FAMILY!

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Anyone interested in participating in a chess competition with Oak Hills should come to the informational meeting this Thursday, Feb. 5, in the library (2:45-3:45).​

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FYI/Team Only/ Do not announce

The competition takes place at the Hamilton County Courthouse, (100 Main Street, Cincinnati 45202). Parents are welcome.  Parents/Guests should not wear anything that could identify you as supporting team Elder due to the nature of the judging.  According to the rules, schools are not identified in the trials, so no Elder spiritwear, purple gear, etc. in court.  The trials are randomly assigned, your son's trial might begin at noon or at 3 p.m. The best suggestion would be to arrive at 11:40 in order to see both trials. Videotaping isn't allowed.

Members please be prepared to go through courthouse security. Riders should bring a few bucks to help the driver with parking expenses. The dress code is jacket and tie.  Walk in groups and secure all valuables. Please see Ms. Montgomery before heading down to the courthouse.

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​Please do not read on the announcements

​The St. Jude Youth Group would like to invite all high school students to come join us on a three day retreat to discover and renew your faith!  This retreat will take place from February 13-15th at St. Jude School.  There will be talks, small group discussions, free time and GREAT FOOD!  Set aside the weekend to get to know yourself, spend time with God, and make some new friends.  If you would like an invitation or more information please contact Rick and Cindy Weidner at 574.9186.​

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​Mr. Schlomer's 7th period Health/Study Hall should report to room 6 today.

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Created: 1/28/2015 7:50 AM
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​All homeroom reps please stop into the office this morning and pick up the JANUARY EDITION of THE PURPLE QUILL.

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Catholic Schools Week...

FRIDAY 1/30/15 (Purple Friday)
·   Alumni Career Day for Juniors and Seniors in the Fieldhouse
·   Freshmen-Sophomore SWAT Team Presentation in The Schaeper Center MPR
·   Seniors & sophomores will attend the assemblies during the first part of 7th period;
     Juniors & f
reshmen during the second part of 7th period
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Students who have early dismissal from 7th period Study Hall are reminded that you MUST stay for the Career Fair or SWAT presentation today. Please report to Study Hall (room 6) at the start of 7th period.

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Click the link below to view a listing of all the presenters scheduled to be on campus this Friday for Career Day!

2015 Career Day Presenters​

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If you are currently a freshman, sophomore or junior, and have a cumulative GPA of 85 or greater at the end of the first semester 2014-2015 school year, you are eligible to apply for an Altiora or Droder Scholarship.
This completed application must be returned to Mr. Owens in the Development Office by Monday, February 23, 2015 at 8:00 AM.  No late applications will be accepted.  If you prefer, you may answer on another sheet of paper and attach to this application.  Please take your time as neatness and completeness of the application are considered.



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​All teachers should check their email for an important message from Mr. Nohle about backing up their grades in FAWeb.

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Tomorrow will be a PURPLE FRIDAY!
Any deviation from the normal dress code would require the minimum of a shirt/sweatshirt/jacket (outermost piece of clothing) that is distinctly “ELDER” and purple, white, black, or gray in color.
All dress items are to be in good repair. The torso is to be covered (i.e. shirts with sleeves).
Acceptable dress would be gym shoes, shorts, sweatpants, jeans, Elder t-shirts, Elder sweatshirts.
Unacceptable dress would be cutoffs, tank tops, sandals, moccasins, slippers, etc.

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The Honor Roll for second quarter is posted in the main hallway. If you believe there is an error, please let Dr. Tucker know.​

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The Art Department is proud to announce that Elder has 11 winners for the Regional Scholastic Art  Awards:  to see the list of winners and their work you may go to

The Scholastic Art Exhibition runs from January 23, 2015 – February 6, 2015 at the Art Academy of Cincinnati.
Opening Night:   Friday, January 23, 2015  (5 to 9 pm)
Gallery Hours:
Saturdays & Sundays (noon to 3 pm)
Monday - Friday (9 to noon & 4 to 7 pm)​

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The Elder library is once again having a contest to celebrate Teen Reading. This contest is being held over a span of six months with monthly raffle drawings and a final drawing for a Grand Prize Package (worth over $100) during National Library Week in April.

The 2nd monthly drawing winner is Kaleb Dettmer from 1B!  Congratulations, Kaleb -please stop by the library for your choice—a Chipotle or Mcdonald’s gift card.
The next monthly drawing in the contest will be Friday, Jan. 30. Entries for this drawing must be in by the end of the school on Thursday, Jan. 29.
For additional contest information, go to the Library Contest Folder on the Library Links Page or stop by the Elder library!
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Created: 10/27/2014 7:58 AM
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Visit ​
and vote for some Elder football players (Louis Faillace, Jerry Porter, Joe Schroer, Peyton Ramsey, & Tommy Kraemer) as part of the 2014 Postseason Team. The nominations come from 3 states, 162 schools, and 29 conferences.
Voting is now open and will remain open until 11:59 PM on Friday, January 30th. You may vote once per hour per IP address.

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The following students needs to see Mrs. Hirth and Nick Wells in the cafe after these announcements:

Connor Dermody, Brennan Hirth, Ethan Winkler, Cameron Olding, Nick Jamison, Joey Ison, Mike Dirksing, Joe Meade, Cameron Hoinke ​

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 Lunch Menu

1/30/2015 2:00 PM Chicken Poppers, Mashed Potatoes, Veggie 
(More Events...)

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